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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to consign my items, how do I get started?
    Amazing! We can't wait to meet you! To get started, it's best to send us an email at with your location as well as a brief description of your items. Please make sure all items are in clean, working order (cleaning fee will apply)
  • How do I get paid?
    We payout the first of the month, every month. With todays amazing technology, most of our customers are paid via e-transfer. If that isn't your preferred payment method, we can send out a cheque via Canada Post.
  • How long are my items listed for?
    We hold items for 18 months, in this time the item will take part in our markdown system until sold or the 18 months has been reached. If the item has not sold within the 18 months, the consigner will be contacted by email to retrieve the item. If the item has not been retrieved within 7 days of notification, the item will be donated to the charity of our choice.
  • Do you take everything?
    We wish we could take everything but our space is limited. Here's a quick overview of what we do not accept: - Schooling saddle pads (baby pads, quilted pads, etc.) - Saddles - Helmets (new or used) - Fleece polos - Traditional quilted stable wraps - Anything that is not in good, working condition If you have any questions about your items, please email us at
  • Why won't you take saddles and helmets?
    As we can't guarantee the integrity and safety of the item, we can't in good faith take saddles or helmets.
  • Where are you located?
    Good question, we're mobile! While our office is (mostly) located in Burlington, Ontario we have a hard time staying in one place. You can catch us zipping around the GTA and surrounding areas on any given week.
  • Do you have a store front?
    We'd love to say you can visit us at anytime but unfortunately we are strictly mobile. Check out our "Locations" page for more information!
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